StatsGuy the app … and StatsCloud the web

StatsGuy™ for Hockey  and StatsCloud™Server is the winning combination that gives coaches the ability to capture on-ice events in real-time ... and use them to boost their players' performance before, during and after games through advanced visualization and reporting.

Simply capture your team’s game events using one of the StatsGuy apps, then synchronize the app with the StatsCloud server so that anyone, including coaches, players and scouts, can be given access to view game results using their computer, tablet and smartphone.

Its Easy to Get Started ...

  1. Choose the version of StatsGuy for Hockey you’d like to use: HP1 (community) or HP3 (elite); install it on your iPad from the Apple App Store.
  2. From any browser, Sign In to StatsCloud and add your team, choose your StatsGuy version and either:
    • purchase a season subscription via PayPal, or
    • start a free trial for a limited time.
  3. From the StatsGuy Settings screen, Sign In and tap the Synchronize button to download your team database onto the iPad from StatsCloud.
  4. End of trial? ... Sign In to StatsCloud and purchase your season subscription so you can continue capturing your game data to the end of the season.

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