Ithiam Sports founder and innovator Colin Knill came up with the idea of capturing game events electronically after years as an elite hockey statistician. 

He couldn’t help but notice how many teams invested so much time and effort recording events, only to have the paper discarded at the end of each game and the data lost for future coaching and game preparation.

Over the last 3 years, the idea has developed from a simple iPad app to a web-based performance analysis solution which has been used by teams in the following leagues and associations:

  • Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference (ACAC)
  • Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL)
  • Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League (AMBHL)
  • Alberta Major Bantam Female Hockey League (AMBFHL)
  • Alberta Midget Hockey League (AMHL)
  • Alberta Minor Midget Hockey League (AMMHL)
  • British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL)
  • Canadian Intercollegiate Athletics (CIS)
  • Chinook Hockey League
  • Hockey Alberta
  • Hockey Calgary
  • Junior Womens Hockey League (JWHL)

Barry Medori, High Performance Coach Mentor, Hockey Alberta ...

"As a teaching tool, StatsCloud lets me sit down with coaches and players and visualize our performance from past games. That makes game planning easy since we’re all on the same page."

Garry Kimmen, Asst Coach, Bantam AA, SCAHL ...

"During Hockey Alberta’s Peewee Prospects Cup, we had a bunch of video clips we wanted to show the kids. But, once we showed them the StatsGuy App [reports] on the TV, they wanted to see StatsGuy vs the video clips.  We watched as they discussed their face-off results for 10-minutes … and it turned into a great team-building exercise!  They loved the intensity plots too!"

John Sexsmith, Head Coach, 2015 Peewee Prospects Cup ...

"Great teaching aid.  Very visual.  The kids loved it."

Bobby Fox, Asst Coach, Okotoks Oilers, AJHL ...

"It's so easy to show somebody how to record events with StatsGuy.  All it takes is 5 minutes before the game and I can show someone everything he needs to record shots, face-offs, give-aways, mid-lane drives and hits.  With one person on the iPad and a spotter, I can record all my game stats and don't need paper anymore."

Leanne Huxley, Parent Statistician ...

"I was nervous at first to use the app but as soon as the first period … was done, I was completely comfortable and confident using it.  I am an old-fashioned paper and tally person so this was an innovative, clever app to use while still being able to enjoy watching the game."

Daria O’Neill, Elite Player, Hockey Alberta ...

"It’s tough to measure success as a defenseman, but the app let us track our battles in the defensive end and this was huge.  And with the app, I could see how many of my point shots were getting blocked, and after that [realization], I went from 5 of 8 blocked to only 1 of 8 blocked the next season."

Jeff Peters, Head Coach, Okotoks Drillers, Chinook Hockey League ...

"I grabbed the iPad and sat down with one of my forwards on the bus after a game and showed him where he was shooting from … and how many times he was missing the net.  That was seven games ago and he was 10th in [league] scoring.  Now, he's 2nd in the league, and with StatsGuy™ I was able to show him exactly where he was going wrong."

Nick Deschenes, Head Coach, Trail Smoke Eaters, BCHL ...

"I feel fortunate to be using the StatsGuy App.  It is an invaluable tool not only to help coaches make critical game-time strategic adjustments, but bigger picture, it provides players with valuable feedback.  With the analytics movement, this service will become the norm."

Stu Pietersma, Video Coach, Hockey Alberta ...

"This software is an exceptional quantitative stats tool. The program provides flexibility to be an immediate feedback tool within intermissions, and has online storage capabilities [StatsCloud™] to assess player and team development patterns over multiple games. Highly recommended for any high performance development organization."

Ken Babey, Head Coach, SAIT Trojans, ACAC ...

"Stats give coaches something to grab on to, and the kids respect you.  You can't tell the kids what to do these days, it's tied to ‘WHY?'.  The kids need to connect and understand … it's the way they've been brought up!!"

Jeremy Friesen, Head Coach, UFA Midget AAA Bisons ...

"As soon as you give players information, they use it!! Players would take advantage of stats to improve their play …  [and] can review whenever they want."

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