StatsCloud™ Server

Season Subscription

Get your StatsCloud™ subscription and start collecting and sharing your StatsGuy™ data today!

Our StatsCloud Server lets you backup your StatsGuy data and share your game results without having to print a pile of reports. 

More advanced and in-depth than the reports available in StatsGuy, StatsCloud makes it possible for everyone to do their own creative analysis using any browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  

Just tap the Synchronize button in StatsGuy to start changing your data into intelligence with StatsCloud!

For a look at the games we captured from the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between Chicago and Tampa Bay … click here.

User Authentication

We use Google authentication for sign-in and registration to ensure the security of your StatsCloud™ account.  So, when registering for the first time, you will need a Gmail account, or one of your personal emails that has been registered with Google.

To register a personal email with Google, follow the instructions here.  As a bonus, registering your personal email with Google will let you sign in to any website that displays the Google button.

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