StatsGuy™ for Hockey

With the hockey analytics revolution well underway in the National Hockey League, Ithiam Sports offers two new iOS apps to let you capture your own game stats like the professionals: 

  • StatsGuy HP1 - for community teams, and
  • StatsGuy HP3 - for elite teams.

With StatsGuy, you can:

  • Record detailed game information with a single statistician
  • Stop wasting time gathering data and start viewing graphs and tables immediately
  • Provide feedback to your players instantly -  all your game and player stats are at your fingertips during games, between periods and post-game

StatsGuy™ for Hockey HP1

This is the solution for community teams wanting to develop their young players by giving them insights into their scoring, shooting and face-off performance.



  • Capture the Who-Where-When of goals, shots and face-offs
  • Record additional details including: +/- and assists
  • View by team or individual player
  • Multi-game reporting
  • 3 styles of reports: Tabular Report, Events View, Face-Offs

StatsGuy™ for Hockey HP3 

This is the solution for elite teams wanting to develop their on-ice performance by combining stats capture, visualization and analytics into a simple, integrated solution.



  • Record the Who-Where-When of on-ice events in real time
  • Standard events:
    • "Shots" – goal, save, block, miss
    • "Face-Offs" – player and team possession at each dot
    • "Manpower" – identify even strength (EV), power play (PP), penalty kill (PK)
  • Extended events – battles, puck recoveries, hits/fly-bys, blueline transitions, give-aways/take-aways, defensive blocks, passes, mid-lane drives, and more …


  • View events instantly on the bench and between periods by team or individual player
  • 3 styles of reports:
    • "Tabular Report" – summary by player (actuals or percentages); 
    • "Events View" – rink diagram with ‘heat-map’ technology; 
    • "Face-Offs View" – rink diagram showing Win/Loss/Tie at each dot by player and line


  • Prepare multi-game summaries to track performance goals of team and players
  • Reveal on-ice trends (by opponent) for pre- and post-game analysis
  • Filter by period

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